Hi! I'm Chris Colfer, 23 and from a small town in California called Clovis where there are more cows than people. (No, I'm serious.)
Watch out though, I'm not all that small minded otherwise I wouldn't be here but yeah, I'm just your regular, Harry Potter loving, acting and writing dork.
Here's to learning more about myself and getting to know great people in the big city of LA. I'm really not used to this - wow...

dreamer | writer | actor
7th in line for the British throne
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Hi I'm Christopher Paul Colfer.
In case you don't know who I am - I'm a professional Pinocchio impersonator! Okay, alright, I lied - I'm actually an author/actor who was lucky enough to land a role on the hit show Glee.
Anyways, I promise I'm nice and usually don't bite so if you want to know something - just ask.

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Chris was in absolute heaven knowing that he and Darren would be able to finally spend some time together. He’d missed his fiancé more than anything and even though they were coworkers they hadn’t really been able to see each other around for a long time now. Of course living together made things easier but still - Chris was exhausted, his body aching and eyes droopy from working all day and parts of the night and somehow he had to fit in Darren, the person who meant more to him than anything. 

It wasn’t always easy but tonight he’d finally be able to really be with Darren again…maybe not in a way they were used to but they were young and had a lot of firsts and kinks to cross off their list. It was just another way to get to know each other. Every part and every side, Chris wanted to know all of Darren and wanted to show him that he could be a different Chris in bed as well. 
He felt warm and overwhelmed, a little anxious but when he sat down on their large bed and looked around the walls Chris kept reminding himself that this was them. This was Darren. Darren who didn’t judge and didn’t mind if something would go wrong. Chris sighed softly at that thought and sat back against the headboard, waiting for his lover to join him.